5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction

Greater Transparency in Franchising

With hundreds of franchisors all shouting about how good their training and support is, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd and hard for prospective franchisees to identify the best franchise opportunities.

We already recognise exceptional franchisors through the Best Franchise Awards.

5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction builds on this, helping to differentiate outstanding franchisors.

What we measure to award 5 Star Franchise Satisfaction


Training and Support

The training, mentoring and support that helps franchisees to establish, maintain and grow their businesses


Franchise System

The competitiveness of the products / services and proven business model


Culture & Relationships

The culture and ongoing relationships with franchisees



Franchisor’s leadership and maintenance of franchise system standards


Overall Satisfaction

How it’s compared to franchisees’ expectations and whether they would recommend the franchise

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