Frequently Asked Questions

How do the awards work?

We invite all your existing UK based franchisees to complete a confidential, online franchisee satisfaction survey. Based on the results from the feedback, franchisors are entered into the Best Franchise Awards.

When is the deadline to enter?

The final date to launch a survey will be Monday 23rd September.

What are the award categories?

Best Franchise – Business to Business (B2B)
Best Franchise – Business to Consumer (B2C)
Best Franchise – Children’s Services
Best Franchise – Management

How are the winners decided?

Each award category is split into three to take the number of franchisees into account (10-30, 31-60 and 61+). To determine the finalists, a moderator will be applied to each franchisors’ overall Franchise Satisfaction score: 10-30: No moderator applied, 31–60: +4% applied +60: +5% applied.

This helps to ensure every franchisor, regardless of their size can be shortlisted for the Best Franchise Awards and the finalists are not only limited to the smallest franchisors who have not yet demonstrated they can maintain their support as they scale.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced on Thursday 7th November.

Can I see the survey questions?

Yes, please contact

Do you survey all of my franchisees?

Yes, we survey all of your franchisees in the UK. We recommend they have been trading for at least two months so can provide meaningful feedback.

Can we include international franchisees?

The Best Franchise Awards are based on feedback from UK franchisees only. However, we also provide separate surveys for international franchise networks. Please ask us for further information.

What if the results aren’t very positive?

The information that we collect through the survey process will be kept completely confidential. No company specific information is ever published without the consent of the franchisor.

Are the awards free to enter?

Yes the awards are free to enter. We generate our income by offering franchisors the opportunity to upgrade and receive a report with their franchisees’ anonymous feedback, verbatim comments and benchmark data so they can see how their results compare with the industry averages.

The cost depends on the size of your franchise network. Please ask us for further information.

How are the awards linked to 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction?

5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction status is awarded to franchisors that:

1. Receive better than average feedback in all key areas of the survey like Training & Support, Franchise System and Culture & Relationships

2. Invest in a paid for report

3. Agree to WorkBuzz’s terms of use when displaying the award logo on their marketing collateral and using this for franchise recruitment purposes.

We NEVER rent, sell or loan your personal data. Read our Privacy Policy

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