Pink Spaghetti

Identifying key areas for improvement: How Pink Spaghetti use ‘The Best Franchise Programme’ by WorkBuzz to grow their business 

Caroline Gowing and Vicky Matthews founded Pink Spaghetti in 2009. They franchised in 2012 and now have nearly 60 franchisees across the UK. 

Pink Spaghetti is a flexible, home-based franchise network of highly-trained personal assistants who offer the elusive 25th hour in the day. 

In the following case study, Founders Caroline Gowing and Vicky Matthews, explain how Pink Spaghetti work with the ‘The Best Franchise Programme’ to deliver a better service to their franchisees. 

What value do you get from participating in the Best Franchise Awards? 

The 5 Star Satisfaction Survey provides us with valuable insights into what our franchisees are thinking. 

From the last report we now have four key work streams which will be our focus for not only 2022 but beyond. 

Was there a particular area you wanted to improve?

A lot of the feedback centred around communication.  As the business has grown this has become a bigger challenge and one that we are keen to address.

How do you use the reports?

Each year we go through the reports, both the numbers and the comments.  We look for trends and any emerging issues and we use this as the basis for our planning for the
following year.  From the last report we now have 4 key work streams which will be our focus for not only 2022 but beyond.

How do you use your ‘5 Star Franchise Satisfaction’ award?

Winning the Best Franchise Award in 2021 was a real highlight for us and we have used this in our franchise marketing as a real badge of honour. The 5 Star award gives us real credibility in a busy franchise arena and because it is based on actual franchise feedback, it is the most valuable accolade. 

“We would highly recommend taking part in the 5 Star Satisfaction Survey. It offers really valuable insights into what your franchisees are thinking and helps you to shape your plans going forward. As the award is based on feedback from you network, it gives real credibility to your brand and helps you to stand out from the crowd. We are so pleased to be part of the special 5 Star group!” 

Caroline Gowing and Vicky Matthews, Founders,  Pink Spaghetti