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1. Following a period of research undertaken by Smith & Henderson, 5 Star Franchisee
Satisfaction (“the Badge”) is awarded to franchisors receiving outstanding feedback from their franchisees.

Certification and the standards and qualities associated with the award to the Franchisor will
only be valid for a period of 1 year from the date of the award stated on the Badge. The Badge
was awarded to the Franchisor based on research carried out by Smith & Henderson on the
Franchisor’s levels of historic franchisee satisfaction. The Badge does not constitute a guarantee
by Smith & Henderson that the Franchisor will continue to perform to the same standards
following the award.

2. The award and display of the Badge does not guarantee that this is the correct
franchise business for you or that any subsequent investment in this franchise
by you will result in a successful investment or franchising business. Further
the display of the Badge by the Franchisor does not constitute a guarantee,
representation or undertaking by Smith & Henderson as to the level of turnover,
profit (if any), earnings, financial performance or level of training and support
that you will achieve or receive should you decide, in your sole judgment to
invest in the Franchisor’s franchise business. For further information on aspects
to consider before you invest in a franchise please click this link.

3. Smith & Henderson shall not be liable for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies
created or displayed on the Franchisor’s website or any advertising and
promotional materials of the Franchisor which use, display or make reference
to the Badge.

4. For further information on Smith & Henderson, an explanation of the Badge
and how franchise businesses can be awarded the Badge please click this link.

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